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Uniforms and How to Wear Them!

“Look Great, Sound Great!”

We believe that uniforms are an essential part of building a strong sense of team and belonging as well as giving the concert choir a great visual appeal and air of professionalism during performances.

Occasionally, a student may feel that wearing a uniform robs them of their uniqueness or forces them to wear something they may not think is fashionable or flattering.  Although we are certainly sympathetic to their feeling, we would suggest that students consider their school’s basketball team…or Olympians…or even the Vancouver Canucks!  No on eon those teams minds wearing their uniform because wearing the uniform means they are officially part of a specially trained team that all shares a common goal.  Whether that goal be winning a gold medal or learning to sing better and put on amazing performances, the idea behind the uniform and being a member of a team is the same.

Girls Formal Uniform Checklist:

  • Black dress (as purchased by NLYC)
  • Sash (NLYC provides)
  • BLACK tights/stockings
  • BLACK plain shoes (ballet flats are ideal; NO open toe or sandals)

**Please limit accessories to silver/gold/sparkle – no colored headbands or jewelry**

Boys Formal Uniform Checklist:

  • Red Tie (as purchased by NLYC)
  • BLACK dress pants
  • Long Sleeved BLACK dress shirt
  • BLACK socks
  • BLACK dress shoes
  • If wearing a belt, then BLACK

**ALL boys uniform items other than the tie must be purchased by the individual singer. We recommend something like Sears.**